Our experience in the private equity industry goes back over 40 years.

Our business started as the exclusive discretionary manager of Electra Private Equity PLC, a London-listed private equity investment trust, in 1976. Since then we have raised and managed a number of pools of private capital and have produced exceptional returns for investors.

In 2016 we started to raise a new private equity fund from institutional investors. To mark the change, we renamed our firm Epiris. This is a combination of the initials of our former name (“EP”, for Electra Partners) and Iris, Electra’s daughter in Greek mythology.

Iris was also the personification of the rainbow, and the goddess of the sea and the sky, which we have reflected with the colour spectrum in our new logo.

If our name were to be found in a dictionary, you might see ě-pī-rĭs or /εp’Ʌɪrɪs/ next to it to show its pronunciation. We find it simpler to say that it rhymes with “desirous” or “inspire us”.

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