Our ESG approach in action

We are proud to have worked with management teams over many years to deliver valuable and sustainable ESG improvements that have had a tangible impact on the world around us.

We consider and take opportunities to lessen our companies’ environmental impact by reducing their consumption of energy and raw materials, and by better managing waste and emissions. For example, at Hollywood Bowl we achieved significant reductions in energy consumption by replacing traditional incandescent light bulbs with LEDs across the bowling centre estate. At Parkdean Resorts  we invested in sewage treatment plants to reduce the risk of discharge into waterways.

We encourage social responsibility. Our companies give back to their local areas by engaging with charities, local government, educational establishments and community associations. For example, Hotter works with a local charity providing training and employment for those with special needs, whilst Audiotonix provides technical education and training programmes to local schools, colleges and universities.

Good governance is critical to protect against risk to employees, suppliers and customers. For example, Knight Square has health and safety protocols that systematically identify and manage physical risks to residents, visitors, staff and contractors across its nearly 4,000 developments.  It is the only UK residential property manager to have been awarded a 5* rating by the British Safety Council.