We operate as one team from a single office in London. Our team has a broad range of backgrounds, but we all share a straightforward and decisive approach.

When we consider an investment in a business, we ask ourselves what can be done to enhance the way it performs. We find that the answer lies in improved strategic clarity, operational excellence, growth acceleration and M&A.

These are at the heart of our approach to transforming businesses. Our track record is in taking this approach to create businesses which are simpler, larger, higher-quality and high-growth.

This kind of transformational change is built on strong partnerships and shared goals with exceptional management teams. We bring energy, analytical rigour and expertise in areas such as M&A and financing. We bring ambition, strategic vision and capital. We bring our experience of implementing transformative strategies across sectors and cycles, helping businesses to grow and to reshape themselves.

No matter who we are working with, our behaviour follows the Epiris Values

How we work with...

Management teams

The kind of transformational change we seek starts with strong partnerships with exceptional management teams.

These teams bring judgement, pace and execution skills. Together we set a clear strategy to transform the scale, performance and position of businesses. We align the team’s interests with our own, not only through shared goals but also with economic incentives. We actively support management teams with our own resources and networks.

Sellers and intermediaries

We work hard to solve the issues that M&A processes often produce. We are honest about what we can achieve and make sure that we keep our promises.


We understand that investors have chosen to entrust us with their capital. We aim to repay that trust not only by investing their capital with all the skill and dedication at our disposal, but also by being open and forthcoming with them.

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