Our business is about transforming UK-headquartered businesses in partnership with exceptional management teams

Specifically, we look for:

UK mid-market

We invest between £40 million and £150 million of equity in UK-headquartered companies with an enterprise value of between £75 million and £500 million. Whilst they may be based in the UK, the businesses we back are often international.


Our aim is to buy equity control and this is usually how we make our initial investment. In certain circumstances we may make a “loan-to-own” investment, where we buy debt which we subsequently convert into equity control.

Complex transactions

We have deep expertise in working through complex situations. Separating a business from its corporate parent, restructuring the bad balance sheet of a good company, or developing our own insight and strategy for a business: these are complicated challenges which we relish.

Across sectors

We are generalists who look across business sectors, including in unfashionable or cyclical sectors, for high-quality businesses which are cash generative and which operate in markets with acquisition targets. Often, the companies we back are in need of reinvigoration: delivering this is where our expertise lies.

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